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In today’s generation, social media channels contribute to your personal brand for your career or business as an entrepreneur. It’s important to consider all of the channels available and what will work for your business or market from sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are a professional in a corporate environment, profiles on LinkedIn may be the most suitable for you. Likewise, if you are a creative, Instagram and Facebook pages may be most suitable for you as visual sites and microblogs for content inspiration and sharing.

If you are using multiple social media channels to establish and promote your personal brand, it’s important that they align and project a consistent image. Use the same profile pictures, the same names and the same profile information to supply and reinforce your credentials. Using key sector words in your profile descriptions and where suitable ‘hashtags’, can make you easily searchable for potential clients, customers or connections.

Keep your profiles updated with information and engagement. Having out-of-date profiles are just like not having a presence at all and as social media is a vital tool in business networking and communication, if you spend time creating an online profile, don’t put that effort to waste by letting your profile become out of date. Our personal brand training and consultancy can assist you when building your personal brand or if you’re an organisation looking to elevate those of your employees.

It is important to remember when updating your online profiles if you are using these in a professional context, to be aware that content can be your friend or foe. Great content can get you noticed and generate a large loyal following and wrong or inappropriate content, can, in a nut-shell, get you fired! A rule of thumb should be if you don’t want a client, customer or employer to see it – don’t post it.

Another noteworthy point to getting social online is to convey your personality. Although your social media channels should be professional for a personal brand or business, they are more tangible than a paper CV so are able to convey your personality more. Don’t forget to show elements of your personality, as it could help you stand out from other companies vying for your clients or your job opportunities.

If you have any questions about your online social media profile for your personal brand comment below and we will try to help or contact us.

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