Do you need a digital cleanse? Here’s how…

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Let’s face it, in today’s age, we are more connected to phones, tablets, and laptops than we are to each other sometimes. We’re more likely to text, email or type than talk face-to-face or pick up the phone and sometimes it’s easy to feel little disconnected by all of this connectivity.

As much as I am an advocate of the benefits connectivity brings, sometimes, it’s good to have a digital cleanse and a little time out from a 24/7 world.

Here’s how to digitally cleanse if you need to step back from the digital world now and again:

1. Streamline your email inbox.

Going through your inbox and unsubscribing from newsletters you don’t read can be satisfying. It’s time efficient too – now rather than feeling overwhelmed by the volume of emails in an inbox you can streamline it to actionable emails instead. This also means that you don’t have ‘the fear’ of being away from my emails for too long in case they build up.

2. Set clear time parameters.

Setting clear time parameters when on a digital cleanse is a good idea particularly for checking email, social media, and mobile phone. Making a conscious effort in the mornings to not check your phone first thing or last thing when you’re going to sleep is a good idea. Once you’re up and about or at the office checking emails to deal with anything urgent straight away is a good idea then, move on to important tasks for the day to not get stuck in your inbox. I check emails every few hours to keep on top of any urgent tasks and so I don’t miss any customer emails and can respond promptly.

3. Sleep with your phone OUTSIDE your bedroom.

This might sound crazy – but the best thing you can invest in is an alarm clock! Leaving your phone outside your bedroom will stop the blue light disturbing your sleep and stop you checking your phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I’ve been getting the best night’s sleep reading a paper book before bed and leaving my phone in another room!

4. Leave your devices indoors.

Once per day, taking a walk, going out to lunch, or just getting out and about without my phone. Removing yourself from all digital devices just for a little while is a great idea, to just be and feel completely disconnected for a short while.

5. Track your screentime.
Download an app like Moment or new iPhones have an app inbuilt to track your screen time – it may well shock and surprise you! When you know how much time you are spending on your digital devices and you consider that you could take up a new hobby, spend time on a freelance project, or even just meditate and take some time out for a little mindfulness it might make you think twice.

Are you considering a digital detox or cleanse this New Year or have you thought about how much time you spend online?

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