Five Ways To Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is the most widely used professional social networking tool. It’s a platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs, job seekers and organisations looking to build their professional network, seek jobs or engage with prospect customers. We’ve got a vast amount of experience running marketing for recruitment companies and providing best practice on LinkedIn profiles for recruitment consultants and professionals alike, so, here are our top tips for your personal LinkedIn profile:

1. A picture tells a thousand words

A clear and professional profile image and header image is important, in fact, LinkedIn research shows that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. Choose a single image of yourself for your profile and ensure it has the right expression, a professional smile.

2. Headlines capture attention

Your headline summarises your expertise and current capacity. It should use relevant keywords, a little like a Google Search, and demonstrate your expertise. For example, ‘B2B Marketing Consultant | Social Media Specialist | Marketing Strategy, Campaigns & Communications’ if it were the case you were also actively seeking new opportunities, you may add ‘ – actively seeking a new opportunity’ to your headline.

3. History needs to be accurate

To enhance your credibility and personal brand further, your positioning needs to be reinforced by fact. You should have an accurate employment history that matches your CV on your LinkedIn profile and any accompanying qualifications you have achieved.

4. Keep connected

Connections and your network are key for LinkedIn. Keep your connections of value and relevant, quality wins over quantity on LinkedIn.

5. Remain active

There’s no point having connections on LinkedIn if you don’t engage with them. Sharing relevant articles and joining conversations by commenting on the posts of others helps to build your credibility and extend your network further.

If you’d like help to polish your personal LinkedIn profile, or if you’re a business looking to polish your LinkedIn Company Page profile, request a free social media page audit by contacting us now.

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