Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

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Over the past few years, particularly in the recent few months, the way in which businesses market has changed. With a move towards online interactions and online shopping digital marketing has become the norm, it is more cost effective and can produce a higher ROI than traditional events and marketing. Social media and a great social media manager is a hugely important part of any digital marketing strategy and for a lot of small businesses is a hugely influential and cost effective marketing outlet. Many of your potential customers will be on social media therefore its critical you have a presence and can get your business in-front of them.

As social media is a critical part of your marketing strategy and a cost effective way to get in-front of your customers, how can you go about it? You could do it yourself, but there are huge benefits of hiring an experienced social media manager and I’ll explain these a little more…

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a social media manager is because it will save you time, and time is money for business owners. Not only this, but as a business owner your time is valuable within your business, and to manage social media channels takes dedicated time and effort to do it well. A social media manager will take care of all the time-intensive work for you, scheduling, posting, liaising with customers, finding target customers to follow and advertising too. With the expertise of a social media manager, they will have tools and techniques to run this as effectively as possible for you and this leaves you to focus all your time on running your business.

Not only will a social media manger save you time, they will also generate a strategic social media marketing plan for your business. To capture the attention of your audience, you will need to post relevant content that is of value to the target audience. Therefore, without a strategic social media plan the identifies the target audience, content themes, hashtags and targeted advertisements you won’t reap the rewards of social media marketing.

In addition to this, a social media manager will post consistent and engaging content regularly. They will also optimise schedules to post a specific times of the day to get the most engagement with your community. They will engage with comments and followers to build you a ‘community’. Finally, but most importantly, a social media manager understands social media, it is their profession. Each platform has different features, different benefits for businesses, different styles, different audiences, different ways to advertise, and different ways to approach it and get the best out of it. A social media manager will navigate the world of social media for you, taking all of the hassle off of your hands.

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