How social media polls can help your business

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If you’re looking to use social media polls for your business, or you haven’t considered it but want to up your social media game, then this is the post for you. From building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, and doing market research, if used correctly social media polls can be very beneficial for all businesses.

Great content is part of any successful social media campaign, and social polls are great to compliment your content and engage your audience. Social media polls are a way to ask your audience questions, gain their thoughts and hear their views quickly and easily. They are also a great way to see who is engaging with your content and who could be a warm lead to approach for your sales team too.

You can use social media polls on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and here is how you can use them to help your business.

To sense-check interest in a product or service

A great way to engage customers is to ask them what they want or what they prefer. If you’re thinking of launching a new service or product, ask your customer what they like so you can make informed decisions based on feedback directly from your customer!

Educate your audience about your subject matter

Polls aren’t just useful for understanding products or increasing sales – people now want value from their social media interactions so using a poll as a quiz to help inform and add value to your audience is a very useful technique. By asking your audience questions and giving multiple choice answers via the poll, you can add value, increase their knowledge and engage with your audience too!

Twitter and Instagram Story polls are great for this!

To purely engage with your audience

Ultimately, people by from people. A brand of business that is approachable, friendly and interested in their customers will always do better on social media than those who aren’t. Therefore, ensuring you are regularly engaging with your audience is crucial. This could be commenting on replies, commenting on tagged photos, but also using polls. Could you ask your audience how their day is,

To generate content ideas

If you want to know what your audience are interested in, ask them! If you need blog ideas, webinar ideas, or just campaign theme ideas – ask your customers! They will give you a great steer whether they want to join webinars or prefer to read blogs or just want a downloadable PDF to take away with them.

Hopefully there are a few ideas here to get you starting to use social media polls in your business! If you need any support with running social media polls or your wider social media strategy and content, we can help, book in for our 15-minute FREE social media consultation!

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