Plan your Black Friday marketing activity now with these tips

20th October 2019
Black Friday is planned again for 29th November 2019, for retailers, it’s a great sales drive before Christmas. However, in order to capitalise on customer sales for Black Friday, you need to plan your marketing now. Here are some top tips for your marketing strategy and what you can execute

Instagram removes its ‘Following’ tab

13th October 2019
In the last week, Instagram removed its ‘Following’ tab that lets you view the activity of people you are following. Until a week ago, when you would click on the ‘heart’ button in the app footer, you would be able to toggle between ‘Activity’ which is the

Which social media platform is right for your business?

25th May 2019
This is a question I am asked the most. Which platform is right for my business, do I need Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn and to update them all? There’s no simple answer because every business is different and has its own goals and customer base. However, I’ve

Five Ways To Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

26th April 2019
LinkedIn is the most widely used professional social networking tool. It’s a platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs, job seekers and organisations looking to build their professional network, seek jobs or engage with prospect customers. We’ve got a vast amount of experience


25th April 2019
Freelancing in the creative and media fields is becoming ever popular. The perks of choosing your hours & choosing your work, but are you ready to take the freelancing plunge? In some cases, redundancies push you into the world of freelancing without the pursuit of ‘going on your

Do you need a digital cleanse? Here’s how…

12th April 2019
Let’s face it, in today’s age, we are more connected to phones, tablets, and laptops than we are to each other sometimes. We’re more likely to text, email or type than talk face-to-face or pick up the phone and sometimes it’s easy to feel little disconnected by all of this

5 Tips To Become More Productive

14th March 2019
Whether it’s working in the office or working from home, there are ways we can all start to procrastinate and get a little less productive. It’s easy to lose focus and get distracted, especially when there’s so much to do, you don’t know where to start. So how to be more

Get Social; Get Ahead With Your Personal Brand On Social Media

13th March 2019
In today’s generation, social media channels contribute to your personal brand for your career or business as an entrepreneur. It’s important to consider all of the channels available and what will work for your business or market from sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and

Staying Professionally Social Media Savvy….

12th March 2019
For some of us our career revolves around social media, it has become an intrinsic part of new media, a platform for commercial success for companies, a generator of new business for freelancers and a major sore point for those who ignore the professional code. Needless to say, it’s important