Plan your Black Friday marketing activity now with these tips

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Black Friday is planned again for 29th November 2019, for retailers, it’s a great sales drive before Christmas. However, in order to capitalise on customer sales for Black Friday, you need to plan your marketing now.

Here are some top tips for your marketing strategy and what you can execute for Black Friday:

Decide on your sales promotions and the offers you will be marketing. Will you be offering percentage discounts, a gift with purchase, or will you offer early discounts to loyal customers as a reward?

Start to build your email database with the promotion of a newsletter sign up now to stay up to date with Black Friday news and offers.

Decide when you will launch your Black Friday sale. Some retailers are starting Black Friday sales a day early to pro-long the promotional offer by launching on the Wednesday or Thursday before Black Friday.

Prepare your marketing assets. This means, build your email tracks, social media graphics, web banners, PPC adverts so they are ready to launch at the click of a button and are scheduled for your go-live date.

Set your retargeting advertising strategy to optimise shopping cart conversions. Across Black Friday, you make see customers browse without purchasing in the first pass. Set up your social media, and PPC advertising strategy to target those customers who have unpurchased items in their shopping basket to encourage a purchase across the Black Friday discount weekend.

After the Black Friday sale, stay in contact with your customers. Notify customers of further sales or extended Black Friday deals via all customer touchpoints.

The key thing is to get ahead with your Black Friday marketing planning so you are ready to launch with whatever offer you choose, whichever day is best for your business. Full House Communications offers marketing planning and strategy services if you need a little help in the lead up to Black Friday.

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